NAME:  Dave and Linda Hescott

SPORT/DISCIPLINE:  Road Cycling, XC Mountain Biking, Triathlon and Snow Skiing

THE BIKES WE RIDE ARE:  Specialized Diverge, Specialized Ruze & Fuse

OUR MOST MEMORABLE RIDE IS: Riding Fat Bikes along the beach at low tide for the first time

BECAUSE… After road cycling for many years, riding without a car in sight and only listening to the waves on the beach, was an amazing feeling.

IN 2018 WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO:  Keeping fit and riding with people who share the same fun and love for cycling as we do.

WE ARE CYCLISTS BECAUSE… Cycling is a sport we can both enjoy together.  With our competitive spirit of always trying to race each other, we have lots of laughs and never take it too seriously.

MY FAVOURITE FOOD: We try to follow a healthy diet with the occasional splurge on things not so healthy.  Seafood, Pizza and Wine.

I LISTEN TO: Chill and the occasional Disco beat.

WATCH Our favourite shows are Game of Thrones, Black Sails and Vikings. We really enjoy a good Comedy.

NAME: Ruth Nelson

SPORT/DISCIPLINE:  Road cycling & X-Country Mountain Biking

THE BIKES I RIDE ARE:  Specialized Venge Pro Vias & Era Expert Carbon 29

MY MOST MEMORABLE RACE IS: 2014 Jervis Bay Triathalon BECAUSE…my 2year old son was cheering me on from the side lines & at the end gave me a massive kiss.

IN 2016 I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO:  Riding my new Specialized bikes & competing in local club races but my main big event will be the Rock N Road which involves 80km road riding & 40km X-country racing.

I AM SPECIALIZED BECAUSE… I love the look & ride of the bikes, the gear is amazing quality but my biggest passion is the promotion of female cycling.


I LISTEN TO: A massive range of music on my ipod

I WATCH:  ABC kids with my 4year old, I dont think we have another channel

Cory Dimmer

NAME: Cory Dimmer


THE BIKES I RIDE ARE:  S-Works Epic FSR World Cup, Specialized Camber Carbon FSR Custom & Epic Hardtail Comp Carbon World Cup

MY MOST MEMORABLE RACE IS: The Scott 24 hour 2016.

BECAUSE…I cycled the full 24 hours and travelled 337.5 km

IN 2017 I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO:  Riding another 24 hour solo but on my S-WORKS EPIC.

I AM SPECIALIZED BECAUSE… It feels so good to travel around using my body as the motor.


Summer= Nothing beats a seafood feast washed down with ice cold beer.

Winter= I love a rare T- bone with a good red wine.

I LISTEN TO: Aussie Rock.

WATCH:  Deadpool ,best movie ever!!

Leah Hearne

NAME:  Leah Hearne


THE BIKES I RIDE ARE:  Avanti Team Issue 20inch & Cruiser

MY MOST MEMORABLE RACE IS: Winning round 5 of the Australian National Series 2016.

IN 2016 I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO:  Australian BMX Championships in Bathurst

I AM A BMX RIDER BECAUSE…It keeps me fit, entertained and most of all it is super fun.


I LISTEN TO: Louise Adams

WATCH: TeenWolf

MY OTHER SPONSERS: Skin grows back, 5bling, Gloryfy, Robbed and 20inch training

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