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NAME: Weisup Makin Whoopee


FROM: Wellington, NZ

SPORT/DISCIPLINE:  Running, Swimming

THE BIKES I RIDE WITH: Specialized Fatboy, Specialized Hellga, Rocky Mountain Blizzard

MY MOST MEMORABLE RUN IS:everyday at the beach

BECAUSE…I can run in circles & be sillydog

IN 2016 I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO:  More singletrack & bigger dogbones

I AM SPECIALIZED DOG BECAUSE… I get to hang at work & be the shopdog.

MY FAVOURITE FOOD: Kangaroo & Big Lamb bones

I LISTEN TO: Snoop Dog & Bach

WATCH: Red Dog, Inspector Rex & 101 Dalmations

MY instagram #lolatheshopdog #lolastheshopdog #lolahasbigears #dogsofspecialized


NAME:  Nikolas Kostiainen


FROM: Batemans Bay

SPORT/DISCIPLINE: Downhill/Cross Country Mtb, some road on a ss/fixed.

THE BIKES I RIDE ARE: Commencal Mini DH, Conceicao ss/fixed track bike for fun.

MY MOST MEMORABLE RIDE IS: Just brappin’ round on my first proper bike, a Giant hardtail, with my brother when we were younger. We both had the same bike and would go out for a good days ride on some single track.

BECAUSE...It was care free and just pure fun, what riding should be about.

IN 2017  I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO: Riding and having fun.

I AM A BIKE MECHANIC BECAUSE…I find it mentally stimulating fixing bikes. I enjoy getting bikes dialed and running smoothly for customers.

MY FAVOURITE FOOD: Toasted ham, cheese and tomato sandwiches. Really good with avocado. 

I LISTEN TO: Anything that sounds good really, and goes with my current mood

WATCH: Howl’s Moving Castle.


NAME: Matt Robertson

NICKNAME/S: Not yet known.

FROM: Tomakin

SPORT/DISCIPLINE: Commuting to and from work on awesome bikes.

THE BIKES I RIDE ARE: Cool store demos.

MY MOST MEMORABLE RIDE IS: The one when I bruised my sternum.

BECAUSE...It hurt for a month.

IN 2017  I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO: Riding a diverge.

MY FAVOURITE FOOD: Tofu, because it’s better than you think.

I LISTEN TO: Science and skeptic podcasts.

WATCH: Linear algebra lectures.


NAME: Sam Ryan

NICKNAME/S: Sammy, Sam Man

FROM: Batemans Bay

SPORT/DISCIPLINE:  Body boarding , mtn biking, surfing, photography

THE BIKES I RIDE ARE: Specialized Enduro Comp 650B.

BECAUSE… I was with my mates and it had the best berms ever

IN 2017  I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO:  Learning more about bikes, riding more trails, earning more money so I can buy bits / add ons for my bike

I AM A TRAINEE BIKE MECHANIC BECAUSE… I want to replace Scott in the bike shop.


I LISTEN TO: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Hilltop Hoods

WATCH:  The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Criminal Minds, Anything to do with Bikes and Surfing on YouTube

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