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Weisup Makin Whoopee AKA Lola

I like Running, & Swimming, the bikes I run with are Specialized Fatboy & Rocky Mountain Blizzard on the Eurobodalla Beaches.  I get to hang at work & be the shopdog. I listen to Snoop Dog & Bach, like watching Red Dog, Inspector Rex & 101 Dalmations

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I have been into bikes ever since I can remember, always preferring to be rolling on two wheels than walking on my two feet, bikes have been my passion for a long time. Working at Batemans Bay Cycles has allowed me to further my passion for bicycles whether I’m out riding on the trails or in the workshop doing servicing.

In my time working here I’ve been able to hone in on the mechanical workings of the two-wheeled, pedal powered machine. I love anything mechanical, and as much as I love riding bicycles, what makes the gears click and the wheels turn has been my absolute fascination for many years.

I have completed a number of courses during my time including a Technical Training course at SRAM’s very own Technical University down in Melbourne. This has allowed myself and the workshop here at Batemans Bay Cycles to stay at the cutting edge when it comes to carrying out servicing on bikes, whether it’s brakes, gears or suspension.



I enjoy working at Batemans Bay Cycles, it has given me the opportunity to learn all aspects of bike repair and maintenance. I also get to commute to work from Tomakin on an awesome Specialzed Diverge gravel grinder.

I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Science at CSU, I have a beautiful wife with a home business and 4 year daughter.  All this keeps me very busy but when there is some free time, cycling, bush-walking and fire twirling are all fun activities.


I started working at Batemans Bay Cycles for work experience when I was 13. I have grown up around bikes since I was little with both my parents racing MTB and I have become a professional BMX racer myself. I have always had a passion for bikes and everything to do with them so working in a bike shop was a must for me. I enjoy learning about more complex bikes and every fine detail about them. Batemans Bay Cycles has a great learning environment with everyone sharing the same passion for the cycling industry.



Riding has always been a passion of mine, ever since I took my first step. I’ve always orientated my life around bikes whether it be building tracks or racing. I grew up racing XC than converted to Downhill in my teenage years. With working in a bike shop I hope to further my knowledge on bikes, if it be in the workshop or on the shop floor.


I started working as Batemans Bay Cycles as a Jnr Mechanic straight out of school, moving onto working for other local business owners. I enjoy scooters & bmx, this has brought me back to working with scooters and bmx’s again. I enjoy the rush of landing new tricks as well as teaching younger people tricks that i have learnt, even though to them im an old fart, the only reason i got into riding was thanks to my cousin and his mates, i just wanted to fit in and eventually got bettter than them.

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