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The weekend is approaching, & when the promise of adventure calls, you need a reliable mountain bike to hit the trails on. For mountain bike riders it can be about enjoying the most diverse terrain—be it fast climbs, steep descents, fire trails or that perfect stretch of sweet singletrack.

We stock a range of Performance XC, Trail, Sport Trail bikes with full suspension or hardtail options.

Brands: S-WORKS, Specialized, Scott, Norco, Focus, Apollo


For some, the road can lead to adventures in the mountains and long rides on back roads. For others, it’s throwing down the gauntlet against rivals in spirited bursts of speed that test limits in thrilling competition.

But whatever you seek from your road rides, our range of road bikes are specifically designed to meet your needs and we can assure your perfect fit with Body Geometry Fit. From your very first road bike to the race machine that you’ve always dreamed of.

Brands: S-WORKS, Specialized, Scott, Merida, Focus


Electric Bikes


Whether you’re riding trail, speeding up your commute, or just having the time of your life out on the road, our Pedal  Assist electric bikes give you the power to go farther and faster then ever before. On the road, these E-bikes are capable of achieving 25 Km/h while you pedal, and on the dirt, they give you the power to ride more trails.

Brands: Specialized, Scott, Focus, Kalkhoff, Avanti, Merida, XDS



For you, fitness has no boundaries—not mental, not geographical, and certainly not mechanical.

Our fitness bikes deliver everything that you need to achieve your fitness goals, whether it’s to explore the great outdoors, go fast and test your physical capabilities, keep active without sacrificing comfort, or all of those things at once.

Brands: Specialized, Scott, Avanti

Women’s Bikes

If you look good, you feel good. And when you feeling good, you’re unstoppable. It pushes you to do more, whether it’s another rep in the gym, or one more km on your high-performance bike.

So whether you choose Amira, Ruby or Vita, they all look as good as you’ll feel, and with  geometry that fits you more comfortably than your favorite yoga pants, that feeling will last the whole ride.

Brands: S-WORKS, Specialized, Scott , Avanti, Merida


From pump tracks to skate parks, our BMX bikes are built to go big with style. Perfect for dirt jumps, racing or riding street.

Brands: We The People, Sunday, Fit, Redline, DK


There’s nothing more relaxing  than a bike ride at the beach to check out the surf break or along the Clyde watching the sunset. Pedalling along on your cruiser at an easy pace is a nod to the slowed-down speed of life in the Bay.

Feeling the sun on your face, smelling saltwater in the sea breeze, you’re completely in the here and now, bathed in the good feeling that life just doesn’t get any better than this.

Brands: Specialized, Apollo, Malvern Star, XDS


Through sand and snow, across dirt and through mud, from singletrack to zero-track, our off-road gravel grind adventure bikes operate in the realm of “I didn’t think I could ride that” territory….

Brands: Specialized, Surly, Norco


Remember the freedom, fun, and sense of accomplishment your first bike provided? These days, kids can get rolling at an early age, from toddler-friendly walk bikes to coaster brake-equipped 20-inch models ideal for neighbourhood adventures—featuring the quality and value parents appreciate.

Brands: Specialized , Avanti, Neo, Radius


Scooters for the park, ready to tailwhip the competition, jump higher than superman and barspin better than batman. Custom decks and parts also now instock.

Brands: District, Phoenix, Crisp, Grit, Kota, Dominator & Envy

We can also help you with…

Body Geometry

We can help you adjust your bike to increase power & endurance while maintaining comfort. A specialist at Batemans Bay Cycles can assess your individual needs and optimise your bike position for your body.

Body Geometry

Bike Hire

Hanging out for a ride while your bike is being serviced, or simply keen to try out something new? Read more here about our bike hire options – we’ve got great rates and very flexible with try-before-you-buy options.

Bike Hire