Body Geometry

Optimise your bike to suit your body.

On top of choosing the right sized frame, adjusting your bike and fine-tuning the handle bar tilt, height as well as seat height and angle is critical to get the most out of your bicycle.



We can help your bike fit so that it’s more comfortable for every day commuting, or optimised so that you can get the most power out of your bike.

The Body Geometry system offered by Batemans Bay Cycles connects the bike and rider in perfect harmony – it’s ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to maximise power, endurance and comfort through all of the three contact points.

It’s ideal to get fitted when buying a new bike, ensuring your bike is well suited to your body from the start.

A specialist at Batemans Bay Cycles can assess your individual needs and optimise your bike position for your body – it only takes a few hours and you won’t believe the difference it makes. Enquire today!

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How our cycling shoes and footbeds improve performance and red...

Experience hot foot, pins and needles, knee pain or just want to increase pedalling efficiency? You may need a pair of our Body Geometry Footbeds. Learn about the importance of Footbeds and how our cycling shoes are designed to ensure you maximise your performance, improve efficiency and reduce injury. Don't forget right now if you purchase a pair of S-Works 6 Road Shoes, you'll receive a FREE foot assessment and a pair of footbeds valued at $50. Available in-store only. See your Specialized Retailer to be measured today!

Posted by Specialized Bicycles on Saturday, 2 December 2017


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