Kids Mountain Bike Seat


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With your child riding shotgun, you’ll help foster a love of the outdoors and a passion for riding. The only problem you’ll have is getting them off it.


About the Shotgun Kids MTB Seat:

Designed for children 2 – 5 years (up to 22kg or 48lb)

  • Full rubber protection (for your alloy or carbon frame)
  • Adjustable width to fit any frame size or shape
  • Adjustable angle to fit flat or sloping top tubes
  • Quick release for easy fitting and removal



Why ride with your child in front?

So the weight is balanced in the centre of your bike

So your little one can see where they’re going (and you can see them)

So that you can talk to each other as you ride along together



Worried it won’t fit your bike?

The shotgun seat has adjustable width, adjustable angle and has a fully adjustable saddle. It fits top tubes from 35 – 68mm wide, and down tubes from 35 – 100mm wide.