Paree Vintage Classic


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Featuring a low step or step through design, a lighter frame and re-imagined geometry the Paree is perfect for smaller, older or not so flexible riders. Rolling on 26” x 2.35” Schwalbe Fat Frank balloon tires, the Paree is nimble enough for buzzing around town while robust enough to take on whatever the road ahead can throw at you.

With power coming from a rear hub mounted 500 watt Bafang motor and a 48v 13.5ah Samsung battery delivering 648wh, the 32+ mile range (and that’s conservative) is more than adequate for your daily commute to work, yoga, pickle ball court, a trip to the market or night out on the town. The pedal assist and throttle make for fun and easy riding with little or no effort, making light work of hills or getting up to speed when stopped, while the Shimano 7 speed Megarange gear set enables you to change through the gears to suit your terrain and speed.

No expense is spared with the Paree as we use the same Tektro HD E350 hydraulic brakes for maximum stopping power and easy to use King Meter SW-LCD display and controls as we do on the Vintage models.

The step through design of the Paree allows for easy and elegant mounting and dismounting and will make you feel stable and always in control. The redesigned shortened and upright geometry brings the handlebars closer to the saddle thus ensuring an easy reach for all, improving comfort and maneuverability, whilst keeping the upper body in an ergonomic, relaxed position.

With a hard wired headlight and taillight with brake light, the Paree becomes a work horse during the day and your very own Uber at night. Equip it with a set of baskets or saddlebags and you have plenty of room for market day, game day or party day. Riding a bike has never been so much fun – it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face all day!