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The Shingleback Trolley Stand is a very practical optional extra that adds a second purpose to your Shingleback Rack. Slot your rack into the Trolley Stand and it becomes a sturdy bike storage system for your shed or garage that keeps your bikes neat and out of harm’s way.

Another great feature of the Shingleback Trolley Stand is that you can also use the trolley to transport your rack to your vehicle – taking away the need to lift and carry your rack.

Like the Shingleback Rack, the Trolley Stand is an all steel construction, fully welded by a certified welder, shot blasted, zinc primed then top coated in a tough scratch resistant powder coat. The trolley has large, sturdy plastic wheels that make it easy to move around. Please note that Swing Arms need to be separated from the rack prior to storing the rack on the Trolley Stand.

The specs for the trollies are: width 1090mm, length 800mm and height 380mm.  With a Shingleback Rack on the stand the height is 1660mm with no bikes loaded, or 2100mm with bikes loaded.  We recommend a clearance of 2300mm to lift bikes out of the Shingleback Rack.